Title-SunFishsunfishhrscreensThe only competitive advantage many organizations have is the ability to improve the performance of their people at all levels as technologies become ubiquitous and markets more efficient.

Therefore, HR management has to take on a whole new meaning through enlightened and effective people management that permits more creativity and productivity.

SunFish HR provides the advantage the company needs to stay ahead of the competition. It is the key component of any organization?s development of long-term HR strategies and daily execution of HUMAN RESOURCE activities.

SunFish HR integrates human resources planning with other aspects of the planning cycle and develops a coordinated process that will result in unimagined increase in total productivity.

People will be allowed to work more effectively and the HR management will be able to achieve routine tasks with less work and, more importantly, gives organizations a focus on its people rather than its paperwork.

SunFish HR delivers significant improvements in productivity that will directly translate into higher moral of the work force and, ultimately, higher profits.

Title-FeaturesPersonnel Administration

Manages and administers employees in the organization properly and effectively. SunFish HR not only provides the complete profile of employees before and during the employment, but also permits employees to manage their personal information by allowing them to request data update online. An employee portal style summary page for tracking fundamental data, an on-boarding feature for successful integration of new employees, and a satisfaction survey feature to engage and better retain employees, are some other highlights that complete the functionality in this module.

Organization Management

Manages organizational structures effectively and easily.  The Organization Management module enables important information related to the organization to be shared with authorized users, providing a clear understanding of each position and responsibilities vertically and horizontally across the organization. A versioning feature allows tracking of structural changes over the years, and the creation of templates to anticipate future organization restructuring.

Compensation Management

Improves the efficiency for payroll processing by reducing the cost and time involved in processing employee compensation to a few mouse clicks. SunFish HR does so by providing extremely flexible methods for the definition of compensation scenarios accurately and automatically, combined with a complete set of reporting and analysis tools.

Time and Attendance

Improves the efficiency of the time & attendance processing by reducing the cost of time and attendance calculation. Being a tool to measure the productivity of employees? a comparative analysis of their time/ attendance record with their scheduled work, SunFish HR allows to flexibly define numerous working patterns and schedules. Different workdays and working hours (also known as flex-work) for individual employees are supported as a SunFish HR standard feature. Combining attendance records with sub features for tracking overtime, leave and sickness ensures proper control and accuracy of relevant data in the payroll process and decreases the potential of payroll cost leakage.

Reimbursement Management

Increases transparency and control over organizations? expense claim management by automating the reimbursement administration and allowing claims processing to take place completely online and paperless in compliance with companies? rules and policies. The Reimbursement Manager provides a flexible set up of reimbursement types, policies, and terms; an open employee self-service environment for claim requests; payment processing options with or without payroll; definable approval workflows and a complete set of reporting and analysis tools.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifies and alerts every employee when action is required and identifies issues before they become problems. Combined with the comprehensive reporting available, the Notifications and Alerts assure that while SunFish HR adsorbs many of the tedious administrative tasks, management are also able to improve oversight and keep informed about all HR issues.

Performance Management

Manages performance appraisals as well as employee development processes. The module enables companies to assesses their employees? progress toward achieving preset goals, while linking their individual objectives with corporate objectives and KPIs. That, does not only improve the communication of performance expectations, responsibilities and accountability, but also makes it easier to evaluate the productivity of the individual as well entire departments. SunFish HR takes the performance management to the next level by utilizing competency, appraisal, and KPI data to drive employee engagement and retention through training programs, IDPs, career planning, and compensation. As a result, both employee satisfaction and the value of an employee to the company increase.

Career and Succession Planning

Simplifies the succession planning process and provides the management with powerful tools to identify potential succession gaps within the organization. SunFish HR enables the organization to create an ongoing and durable succession-planning environment rather than an ad-hoc process, ensuring the capability to achieve a distinct competitive edge continuously.

Training Management

SunFish HR facilitates the development of an effective and strategic training management by relating training to corporate goals, individual development targets, competency gaps and other HR functions in order for training to be effective and beneficial for both the employees as well as the company.

Recruitment and Selection

This module automates and improves the recruitment quality. SunFish HR supports manpower planning related and ad hoc recruitment, request and approval routing, and a complete tracking of  the hiring process starting with applicant pre-screening, interview scheduling, skill ranking, qualification comparison with position requirements and between candidates, letter generation, hiring time analysis, and much more.

Competency Management

Aligns the strategic objectives of the organization with the competencies of the human resources and develops a sustainable competitive advantage. SunFish HR applies a systematic approach of measuring individual competencies and ongoing snapshots of the overall knowledge capital within the organization to perform individual and organizational analysis. It is a powerful tool to reduce education costs, to improve hiring practices, to increase retention, to focus your human resources performance and developmental planning processes. Ultimately it allows to deploy the human capital, and to support the management?s strategic decisions making more effectively.